In Montgomery County, we pay a property tax to support Sinclair Community College, in Preble County- Ohio Preservation Tax credits are issued to help fund additional buildings for Sinclair that Preble County residents have access to tax free.

In Eaton, a project to create many uses for the former Eaton High School, 307 N. Cherry St., was awarded a $2 million tax credit. That project will cost $12.3 million.

The building was constructed in 1926 and served students until 2004. A partnership between Miller Valentine Group and the H.I.T. Foundation will make the building home to affordable senior housing, A community-use location in the former gymnasium and auditorium, and space for Sinclair Community College programming. The tax credit allocation replaces a previous award that was approved for the project.

Source: Developer of Dayton site gets $687,500 in tax credits

Yet another reason to vote against any further Sinclair Tax levies.