Despite the constant “renew our levy” and it won’t create any new taxes, someone still needs to explain why Montgomery County Residents are paying more for Sinclair than Clark County residents are paying for Clark State, which has no property tax burden.

And, according to Community College Review, Sinclair is now more expensive than 4 other community colleges in Ohio- none of which extract a pound of flesh from every property owner to support their mission.

To be clear, tuition revenue in 2020 was $30.7 Million, and Property Tax revenue was $38.4 Million. State appropriations was another $49.5 Million. And when you add in Federal money of $22.2 Million, you soon realize that there is a reason Sinclair has zero debt (unlike every other Community College) and a fat reserve.

Those figures are from the State Auditor’s site. That’s $110.1 Million, over 3x tuition. If tuition only is a third of their revenue, please explain how a smaller percentage of their students paying double- amounts to any kind of contribution to the whole.

We’re not against Sinclair- we’re just against the unequal burden supporting a school that’s expanded outside of our county- without asking for the same hand out from property tax owners.

If these other 4 schools can deliver a less expensive education without a property tax levy- why are the taxpayers of Montgomery County still being hammered to pay for Sinclair?

  1. North Central State College $2,119 in-state
    2441 Kenwood Circle Mansfield, OH 44901
  2. Belmont College $2,786 in-state
    68094 Hammond Road Saint Clairsville, OH 43950
  3. Stark State College $3,686 in-state
    6200 Frank Ave NW North Canton, OH 44720
  4. Clark State Community College $3,359 in-state
    570 E Leffel Ln Springfield, OH 45501
  5. Sinclair Community College $3,438 in-state
    444 W. Third St. Dayton, OH 45402

Only Sinclair has been subsidized by a property tax for over 50 years and continues to operate this way.