Ever wonder why The Greene is just outside Montgomery County in Greene County? Could it be because Steiner + Associates didn’t want to pay millions in taxes each year to support Sinclair Community College when they could still reach the same market.

Now, Steiner is making an even bigger investment in Warren County. Warren County has a Sinclair campus, but they don’t pay any property tax to support it.

Once retailers at the approximately $350 million Liberty Center development open the doors next month, projections call for the complex to draw more than 10 million people a year to shop and dine, according to the director of the Butler County Visitors Bureau

Source: Liberty Center to impact local crime, property value

You know how they always tell you the tax levy will only cost $147 a year for the owner of a $100,000 house? Well, for a $350 million dollar project, that’s half a million plus each year in additional property tax. If Sinclair Community College wants to provide services to residents of Butler County, it’s time they paid their fair share as well. Note- the Warren County Campus is close to the Butler line.

Remember, the Ohio Supreme Court already found Ohio’s formula for funding schools unconstitutional back in 1997, and our legislature hasn’t done anything to fix it. With increasing numbers of high school students earning Sinclair credits, we’ve got an even more screwed up system, which is unfairly burdening the property owners of Montgomery County, while Preble, Greene and Warren don’t pay a thing.

Vote NO on issue 13 and keep Sinclair Fair.