Keep Sinclair Fair is being organized by David Esrati, (or wikipedia link) He is actively seeking other people to work on this campaign and to take over the treasurer position.

His firm, advertising agency, The Next Wave, has extensive experience in putting together websites like this one, utilizing CiviCRM, an open source, “constituent relationship management” program, and doing everything from campaign commercials to media buys.  He also has a printing division that is very competitively priced, The Next Wave Printing. Supplying campaign materials at the lowest prices.

Congressman Turner had no problems hiring his wife’s firm when doing his campaigns, before anyone starts talking about conflicts of interest.

The Sinclair Foundation, collects money from employees via payroll deduction to run their campaign. They spend at least $60K a year retaining a public relations firm out of Cleveland. And while they’ve known about this levy for a long time, we just found out about it on August 5th.

The Next Wave is keeping timers of all time expended, and will be reimbursed at our standard rates. Those books will be open to the public.

Any money left remaining in the campaign fund at the end, will be donated to a local scholarship fund. We will poll donors to see which fund gets the money.

We have less than 90 days to gear up this program, get signs out, make presentations to local business associations, leaders, unions etc. Our goal isn’t to hurt Sinclair at all, just to spread the tax burden out, or re-focus our efforts on providing services to those who have paid for them.

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