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Tax credits for Preble County Sinclair facility

In Montgomery County, we pay a property tax to support Sinclair Community College, in Preble County- Ohio Preservation Tax credits are issued to help fund additional buildings for Sinclair that Preble County residents have access to tax free. In Eaton, a project to...

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Dayton Daily news endorses big campaign cash

After rejecting our 650 word anti-Sinclair levy op-ed piece, with "I think there are some good points you make, but there are just as many points that seem unsubstantiated and yet stated as fact. Overall, it doesn’t feel like a guest column of this length to me. I’d...

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A Quick Math Lesson

Montgomery County residents already pay 3.2 mills to support Sinclair Community College.

Their proposed 1 mill levy would bring the total to 4.2 mills.

If you own a home worth $100,000, you would be paying $147 per year just to Sinclair.

Here’s the problem…

Montgomery County taxpayers already have the second highest tax burden in the state, following only Cuyahoga County.

Warren County is one of the “Fastest Growing Counties” in the country—and has a much lower tax burden.

Net Residential & Agricultural Rate (Source)





A Show of Good Faith

Montgomery County has funded a debt-free Sinclair for decades. From the first tax levy in 1966 to today, they have never been turned down.

To show their appreciation, Sinclair has extended services to Warren,  Preble and Greene Counties—that pay no taxes in exchange.

Sinclair has zero debt and $50 million in the bank, and yet they ask overly-burdened Montgomery County taxpayers to dig in deeper while others freeload.

Sinclair taxes for Preble, Warren & Greene combined

Sinclair has never lost a levy campaign

We all know what kind of child you raise if you never say no to them. It’s time to say no.


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