Dayton, Ohio
June 30, 2014 and 2013
Prime quotes:

“The Courseview Campus Center in Mason, Ohio, now in its eighth year of operation, has nearly tripled its enrollment since its launch. As Warren County is a legislatively designated service area of Sinclair, the College continues to prudently plan and implement cost-effective educational opportunities for this growing and underserved market as evidenced by the opening in August 2013 of a second building on the campus that more than doubles its instructional capacity and greatly expands the variety of courses and programs that are and can be offered there.”

And while you or I have to borrow money at much higher rates to pay our mortgages- Sinclair is debt free.

“Pay as you go: Save money upfront and place in allocated reserves for later use in major capital expenditures, thereby avoiding debt (as opposed to borrowing now and paying later).”

With historically low interest rates, most companies are taking on debt, to lock in the savings.

We welcome your analysis of their financial position in the comments.